Welcome to the TangoMujer Retreat Alumnae Blog!

We are creating this space as a way to further support and strengthen you, our growing network of tango women. We see it as a way to exercise one of the most important principles of our work: sisters support other sisters. In light of our recent election, there seems no better time to put this philosophy into action. We'd like to help you stay in touch with one another and to support your work in the world, in whatever form it takes.

The content is not limited to tango. We welcome writing and images that tell us about your professional work, your volunteer work, your creative projects, books you've written, or any insights into dancing, creativity, spirituality, politics, or gender. We believe everything is connected, and each one of you is an amazing woman with many gifts to share!

A few guidelines for blog submissions:

1. You must have attended one of our women's retreats in order to submit (Breitenbush, Vermont, Maui, or Tuscany).
2. We are happy to promote your work or your events, but we ask that your contribution is not exclusively promotional, but expresses some of your personal story as well, how you arrived at the work or project you are currently engaged in, what it means to you, why it is important to you.
3. Write from the heart in the first person.
4. Focus on the vision and motivation of why you do what you do.
5. Include any links you'd like us to post.
6. If you include images with your post, make sure that you have the rights to use them.
7. No anonymous submissions.
8. There is no deadline, but please allow a week for your post to be reviewed and published.
9. We reserve the right to reject any submission at our discretion.
10. Send submissions to Sharna

We can't wait to hear your stories! Bring 'em on!

Aloha girls Maui Retreat 2016

Aloha girls Maui Retreat 2016