Why Both Roles?

Do you want to radically improve and transform your dancing? Are you ready to shift your tango experience to the next level?  Dancing both roles is both a practical skill and a creative journey.  It is not surprising that some of the most creative dancers in tango are well-versed in both roles of the dance and have a good understanding of the music!

Following centers you in the present moment and calls forth the expressive power of your own physical body. Leading brings you into close relationship with tango music and amplifies the visionary force within you. Becoming fluent in both roles increases your balance, precision, and connection with others, and makes you confident in your own contribution to every dance, whether following or leading.

"When I'm dancing with other tangueras, not just sharing waiting-for-a-dance time, I get to know them better. Such a lovely bonus! It also gives me a deeper appreciation of the leader's experience (valuable, as a follower, for understanding how to contribute more deeply to the partnership)" - Pamela Miller

"By being a leader, I learn to be a better follower. By following, I learn what is important to be a better leader. I love both roles. It allows me greater creativity." - Alicia Nettler

"I love dancing with all these wonderful people that I meet, and getting to know their sweet, playful, intense, and tango-music-loving sides. If I didn't lead, I wouldn't be able to dance with half of them." - Sally Wright