What women are saying about our Retreats...

The Breitenbush retreat is hands down the most paradigm-shifting, most growth-inducing, most nourishing tango event I have ever been part of. I believe that attending a TangoMujer retreat is the best thing any woman can do for her tango.
— Hannah Louise Poston (Ann Arbor)
The Tango Donna retreat made me realize, not only what I want with my tango dancing, but with my life. I’ve never before experienced such a total integration between body & soul, mind & emotions, music & movement, leading & following, self & others. Empowered is the word. I’ve never felt this EMPOWERED before. And I think I’ll never let anyone take that away from me again.
— Malin Backström (Sweden)
The week exceeded my expectations! It was a wonderful opportunity to learn, practice, and improve my leading skills with a friendly and supportive group of ladies, while also enjoying the yoga classes, Maui outings, and a taste of Hawaiian culture with the hula classes. I’m looking forward to next year’s retreat!
— Mirin Lew (Santa Rosa)
— Dawntrix Marie Kerry (Maui)
The Retreat was wonderful. I am so happy that I came. There was a friendly and supportive atmosphere conducive to having fun while learning. Being very new to leading, I was tentative in the beginning, but came away with far more confidence. In addition to the dance classes and practice times, I enjoyed “Circle Time.” Self exploration is always interesting to me, and a part of my Spiritual Journey. Your presented exercises were a new way to experience this. Plus the food was superb!
— Aundria McMillan Humphrey (upstate NY)
The Aloha Girls retreat was like a week-long elaborately prepared and finely crafted banquet of tango delicacies. Brigitta and Sharna used only the finest ingredients from their vast storehouses of teaching skills to prepare challenging yet attainable dance and body-awareness sessions. Their timing was faultless; they knew just when to turn up the heat or when to let the learning simmer. I found the “high-five!” kind of joy of learning, and I found inspiration for the future of tango in my world.
— Vicky Ayers (Maui)
The New England women’s retreat totally transformed my dance.
— Madeleine Gersh (Massachusetts)
Brigitta & Sharna’s personalities & expertise complimented each other seamlessly. Their brilliantly crafted processes and body exercises guided us into Tango gracefully, easily. I felt a Blending of leader- follower roles; a Bonding of Goddess energy. Embraced by the welcoming & intimate accommodations, the warmth of Evening Circle Gatherings to explore ideas, Delicious meals and Fun excursions, it morphed into a week-long infusion of Tango essence, sisterhood, & MORE! 
A FANTABULOUS WEEK…. I’ve signed up for next year.
— Gylian Solay (Maui)
This retreat was unique because of the holistic focus. It gave all kinds of experiences that encourage tango to be connected to real life. Because of this all female group I felt more relaxed in some ways and more challenged in others. It gave me different ways to experience myself and tango, which I found invigorating. I found that spending extended time in the lead role began to give me a sense of ownership and responsibility for creating the dance in the way I want.
— Delisa Myles (Prescott, AZ)
If you feel that tango and movements are something deeper than the dance itself, if you are looking for ways to improve and feel it through your dance and your life, if you are curious to meet and create an unique sorority during a few and intense days in a wonderful place, then TANGODONNA is definitely the place to be.
— Echos Tango (Paris)
This was a wonderful event on so many levels! Beautiful and peaceful surroundings, delicious meals, sweet and fun company, and so much to take home from the tango workshops!
— Ursina Teuscher (Portland)