Join us for an inspiring week or weekend in an exquisite natural environment. Deepen and expand your own tango journey. 


New England - June 8-11, 2017

Reconnect with nature and your own expressive, creative energy at the 3-day retreat PODEROSAwith Sharna Fabiano and special guest DJ Adriana Pinto. This weekend event takes you into the forest and deeper into your own dancing as a female leader. Work at your own pace with lots of individual coaching.

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Tuscany - October 5-11, 2017

Enjoy the incredible landscape of Tuscany at Tango Donna, featuring body conditioning and tango by Brigitta Winkler and DJ workshops by Celine Deveze.

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Skull Valley: Nov. 2-5, 2017

Join Sharna Fabiano and special guest Delisa Myles in the fierce mountain landscape of northern Arizona. Bring more strength and stillness into your dance and into your whole way of being at this carefully designed 3-day retreat experience.

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This retreat was unique because of the holistic focus. It gave all kinds of experiences that encourage tango to be connected to real life. Because of this all female group I felt more relaxed in some ways and more challenged in others. It gave me different ways to experience myself and tango, which I found invigorating. I found that spending extended time in the lead role began to give me a sense of ownership and responsibility for creating the dance in the way I want.
— Delisa Myles, Prescott, AZ

Maui - March 4-11, 2018

Brigitta Winkler and Sharna Fabiano TOGETHER in one incredible 7-day retreat. Aloha Girls combines a carefully designed tango curriculum, bodywork, yoga, and group nature excursions to fully take in the island's breathtaking beaches, mountains, and lush green vistas.

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Ojai, CA: March 30-April 2, 2017

Join Brigitta Winkler and Debbie Edwards at La Valle Rosada, an intensive weekend of tango for women who lead and follow in the charming Ojai Valley.

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